Benefits of School Band

Are you wondering…

Is band is right for your child?

What are the benefits to being in band?

Will band distract my child from academics?

How can band better my child’s future?

Students do not have to have prior musical experience to join the band program. They just need the desire to learn something new and be a part of something great!

Here are some interesting statistics in regards to most band students:

  • They become more self-assured
  • They are problem-solvers
  • They understand a sense of community and working together
  • They get to be a part of something positive
  • They learn higher-order thinking
  • They become part of cohesive social structure
  • They tend to score higher on SAT’s and have higher GPA’s
  • They receive more academic honors than those not in band
  • They exercise the creative and analytical parts of the brain
  • They are eligible for a multitude of scholarships
  • They have a sense of pride in their accomplishments
  • They have improved math skills
  • They learn to play the songs they enjoy

Encourage your child to experience all that music has to offer. School band programs help your child with improved academics and a sense of individuality. Music will take your child on a cultural adventure, teach diversity, and embrace traditions. Music can change their lives!


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