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Scale Sheets:

Flute 1 Octave

Oboe 1 Octave

Bassoon 1 Octave

Clarinet & Bass Clarinet 1 Octave

Alto & Bari Sax 1 Octave

Tenor Sax 1 Octave

Trumpet 1 Octave

French Horn 1 Octave

Trombone Euphonium 1 Octave

Tuba 1 Octave

Mallets 1 Octave

Snare Drum Rudiments

Flute Two Octaves

Oboe Two Octaves

Bassoon Two Octaves

Clarinet & Bass Clarinet Two Octaves

Alto & Bari Sax Two Octaves

Tenor Sax Two Octaves

Trumpet Two Octaves

French Horn Two Octaves

Trombone & Euphonium Two Octaves

Tuba Two Octaves

Mallets Two Octaves


Fingering Charts

Symphonic Band

Three Ayres from Gloucester Mvt. 1, The Jolly Earl of Cholmondeley

Three Ayres from Gloucester Mvt. 2, Ayre for Eventide

Three Ayres from Gloucester Mvt. 3, The Feifs of Wembley

The Lords of Greenwich

Kentucky Pride

Tales From The Sea

Gershwin Classics

Into The Clouds

Crazy For Cartoons

Russian Sailors Dance

Highlights From Harry Potter

Eb Blues (Splanky Improv practice)

C Instruments:  Eb  Gb  Ab  An  Bb  Db  Eb

Bb Instruments: F  Ab  Bb  Bn  C   Eb  F

Eb Instruments: C   Eb   F   F#   G   Bb   C 


Jazz Band


La Bamba

Jam ‘N’ Jive

Girl Impanema

Boogie Shoes


Oye Como Va

Bad Romance


The Bare Necessitites

Get Back





Earth Wind And Fire Dance Mix


Advanced Band

Fantasy On A French Folk Song

Variations On A Sea Shanty

Union March

Whirling Novas

Beginning Band

Beethoven’s Ninth

Strike Force

Bandroom Boogie

The Lost City

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