Dear Band Parents,

It is the time of the year to solicit nominations for next school year’s Band Patrons Association Executive Board Members. Any band parent is eligible to serve as board position or non-elective coordinator positions. This is an opportunity to get involved and make a difference in our band and school.

The Band Patrons Association helps to build strong relationships with the band director, parents, and school, in support of the band students and their band activities.

This can include ancillary positions:

  • Organizing fundraisers
  • Coordinating extracurricular band activities
  • Recruiting and coordinating volunteer opportunities

Schedule of Nomination and Election Process:

Please return the nomination form to the DROP BOX in Mr. Morton’s Office in the band room or you can send it via email to:

Elections will be held during the General BPA meeting in the band room. If you have any questions about the positions, please feel free to contact the BPA and we will gladly provide clarification.